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Check out the Adesso Album FAQ which will cover most of your questions -

How much is it to hire your cameras?

We gets lots of inquiries regarding the costs of our camera hire and other products. All information is located on our online store - it will will save you lots of time and effort!

I've hired one of your Fuji Cameras but there wasn't any instructions!

Unfortunately some of customers have misplaced the instructions so some of our cameras do not have the original instruction manuals. Our cameras are easy to use but you can view or print the instructions here:

Click To Download Fuji Camera Instructions!

What is the difference between Fuji instax 200 and Polaroid 600 Film?

With the future uncertainty of Polaroid Film we have secured a brilliant alternative to Polaroid Instant Film - Fuji Instax 200 Film! Fuji and Polaroid are very similar in terms of concept. They are both instant film with great quality and super fun for weddings and big events of celebration. The major difference is the size and of course the camera type:

The overall dimensions of the Fuji Instax are:

4.25" (w) x 3.38" (h)

The actual image area measures:

3.875" (w) x 2.875" (h)

The overall dimensions of the Polaroid 600 Film are:

3.5" (w) x 4.25" (h)

The actual image area measures:

3.0" (w) x 3.125" (h)

The Fuji film requires a Fuji Instax 200 Camera which is battery operated and requires 4 x AA. The Polaroid is powered by batteries inside the film. Both have flash functionality.

Our partners Adesso Albums now supply Instant Photo Guest Books for Fuji and Polaroid. Both are made of the same high quality material and we are 100% confident you will love the finished result with either album.

Do you still have Polaroid Film?

No. Polaroid ceased production of Polaroid film in early 2009 and the last stock piles have all gone! We now have new options including the Adesso Albums for Digital Prints as well as the brilliant Adesso Instant Photo Guest Book for Fuji Instax along with Fuji Instax Cameras and Fuji Instax film!

In terms of Polaroid Film the good news is that 'The Impossible Project' have independently started reproduction of Polaroid Film with the aim for distribution late 2010. We can't wait and will keep you informed on our website!

Do you ship to XXX?

We ship Australia wide! YES we do! Also, we do not do pick ups!

How quickly will I receive my Instant Albums order?

Generally we will ship out orders on Mondays. If you order is urgent we will ship within 24-72 hours to get it to you on time. All orders which include a Polaroid or Fuji Instax Hire Camera will be shipped to arrive a few days before your event and no sooner than a week before the event. If you provide a business address we can use AAE. Most customers in metro areas will receive next day. For residential addresses we will use Australia Post.

Can I hire the Polaroid Camera without buying an Adesso Instant Photo Guest Book?

Yes! Customers who purchase an Adesso Album or Celebration Package are given priority but we are happy to help you capture your event in Polaroid or Fuji Instax if you do not want an Adesso Album (though we do recommend you do!). We cater for weddings, birthdays and major corporate events! Order online or contact us for a quote.

If you have further questions please contact us by phone or visit our
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