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Why are Instant Albums so fantastic?

Because they are so easy to create and heaps of fun!

Essentially, all you need is an your photo guest book - album, a camera, some film, lots of guests, and a pen! There are a few ways of doing it. Use this as a guide and think about what will work best for you.

Please note the video is shown to give you an idea of how the albums work.
The albums shown are from Adesso and are no longer available.

Start the process by getting your own shots taken and then write in your Polaroid Album. Slide the photo straight into the special frame on the appropriate page and write a note on the page where you have placed your photo.

Everyone is always watching the bride and groom so people will take notice and you'll create some curiosity. Alternatively, ask a friend to invite a few of your friends first, and again it will generate interest from others. As your other guests see what is happening, they'll want to take part as well!

You can also ask the MC or other speakers to mention that you have your Instant Photo Guest Books and you'd like to invite everyone to participate. From my experience, your guests will have lots of fun, which will be reflected in the brilliant photos and messages you'll see when you look over your album later that night.

Still unsure? Send us an email. We'd be happy to explain or give you ideas on how you can capture your celebration with an Polaroid Instant Photo Guest Book!