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Each one of them has a distinct style and line of clothes, and we are introducing here Australia’s best streetwear brands to keep an eye on for 2021. As the streetwear scene continues to grow, we promise to stay on trend and bring you cutting-edge pieces to ensure you are always on-trend. Our store features an expertly edited selection to excitement and pleasure even the most jaded of streetwear enthusiasts. Born and raised at the heart of the Melbourne streetwear scene, our stores have witnessed various changes and new trends street style has gone through.

Our clothes are designed to delight the person (and their parents) by mindfully creating streetwear that is appropriate for the era, and yes, is still on-trend. Streetwear shorts and hoodies are more popular with younger adults in urban areas, though you can find streetwear worn by all ages, everywhere. Streetwear is a distinct fashion style originating from Californian skate culture and 1990s New York City hip-hop culture. Streetwear is such a varied style, that it is difficult to simply stick with a single kind, particularly in places like Melbourne.

It is becoming harder to define streetwear with precise terms because it is such a buffet of trends, skatewear, business attire, designer luxe pieces, and streetwear. There is no question that streetwear has been one of fashion’s biggest storylines in the past decade. We are well aware that streetwear is like a living, breathing animal, which is difficult to catch and tame. We understand streetwear is difficult to define and classify, which is why we have been from the beginning, letting the style and the energy determine us, rather than vice versa.

streetwear shorts

While it may be tempting to throw down dollars for brand name products, streetwear is less about how expensive a piece is than about how daring and unique it can be. Many streetwear items are made without brands being apparent if that is the case, then you are freer to mix those items up. If you are looking to wear your streetwear in a way that does not look like you are trying, then the best thing is to avoid wearing too many different brand labels all at once. People who are into the style often combine thrift store finds with a few higher-end pieces.

You could also try looking at streetwear brands in countries such as South Africa, the Netherlands, and Korea. Countries like Japan have a really large streetwear market which includes brands such as Neighbourhood Clothing. Be sure to head over to see these incredible brands. In the age of social media, a lot of fashion influencers are using Instagram as a way of marketing their work.

In the past few years, streetwear has also borrowed heavily from history, thus, retro-inspired fashion, which kids are going crazy for nowadays. Over the years, sneakers have evolved from being essentials for playgrounds into trendy items people cannot live without. Chelsea boots have never truly gone out of style, and in this case, can even double up as a handy obstacle in the event of an unexpected bout of rain or chilly weather.

Providing looks that can be worn almost everywhere including parties, coffee shops, restaurants, and beaches, street style is here to stay. Melbourne style is effortless and cool with layers, people are mixing up their mix of high street, designer and vintage pieces. Seeking to capture the underground style of streetwear in Melbourne, Melbourne Curated takes skating influences, niche trends, hip-hop threads, and emerging movements, collecting new relics of the way streetwear is being born.

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