Why Should You Install Soffit Linings?


Eaves are a region on a roof, while the soffit is a product covering it. Eaves also serve as shade for a building, and they also help regulate the temperature.


Ventilated Soffits are particularly helpful for controlling attic temperatures. With vented soffits, air can move in the ventilation openings, providing regular air circulation to the attic. A roof’s soffit also functions as a ventilation opening, to allow air to flow over your roof and circulate into your attic. The soffit plays a critical role as it has ducts that help keep air flowing steadily between your roof and your attic.


The soffit is typically perforated, or ventilated, boards that provide air circulation to the roof and gutters. Kingspan soffit boards help to ensure your house and roof look great throughout the year. Soffit is available in a variety of colours and designs as it can help make your home’s exterior look more attractive. The soffit liner product is a little bit different, has an impact, and makes a statement in what is otherwise an uninspiring area in Brad’s new house.


Soffit is most often used around a building’s main roof, but soffit may also be used below a porch, below a pillar or column, below a stairway… basically, anywhere there is a visible ceiling. While the covering on your soffit serves the purpose of covering up your home’s interior roof structure, the soffit on the roof is not fully sealed. A soffit is the base material attached to an exposed overhang on the roof of a structure.


Kingspan soffit boardThe soffit and the fascia are the two boards that seal the roof and home against outside elements. Soffit and fascia are the boards that extend below and along the majority of the eaves on your roof. One final point worth making is the way the soffit and fascia protect your roof framing.


Making sure that soffits and fascias are in good shape will help to give your home proper protection in cold weather. When you begin to notice something amiss in these boards, call a professional soffit and fascia installer to get an immediate fix. There is the right kind of soffit and fascia installation that works best for you and your house. Whether for residential or commercial roofing installations, you should always have the soffit installed by experienced, professional contractors.


Knowing when to replace your soffit and fascia may save your roof from having to undergo other expensive repairs. If damage has reached a certain threshold, a roofing contractor may recommend replacing the entire soffit and fascia, particularly if it is made from wood (which is prone to rot compared with other materials, such as vinyl). While sometimes homeowners wait to have the soffit installed that matches the siding, there are other times it can be helpful to have the new soffit installed by itself, like when a new roof is installed, or the old soffit becomes damaged in any way. The next reason why you would want to have a soffit installed is more practical; the soffit lining help to shield the bottom side of this overhanging roof deck from the elements.


Soffits help to keep destructive moisture and insect activity away from The underside of this overhang, helping prevent Wood Rot, Mold, and other problems which could cause the failure of your roof over time. Soffits also help to provide critical ventilation for your attic space and area directly underneath the deck. Soffits are necessary for protecting your roof’s structural rafters. The soffit is also used to cover gaps between a house’s siding and the outside edges of the roof of the structure.


Soffit – These comprise a piece of trim that joins the lower edges of the eaves with the structure. The cladding on Infratop Ceilings is also lightweight, facilitating the installation by itself, without putting too much stress on the roof structure. The overhangs allow for the circulation of air to the roof structure and are air inlet sources to the attic.


Soffits are composed of several openings that act as the intakes of air to ventilate. If a solid soffit is more your style, that is fine – just be sure you install the vents so proper air circulation can occur throughout your attic.


Typical building materials used in the eaves, overhangs, and soffits are not fire-resistant, so they are prone to ignition from burning embers and hot gases. Once the eaves, overhangs, or soffits are ignited, fires may spread up to the roof, down to the attic, or up to and through exterior walls. See also Figure 3 (enclosed overhang with horizontal soffit), showing the path of the glowing embers and hot gases rising the exterior wall and passing underneath the roof deck, including fascia and rafters.


The soffit is essentially any trim material, such as wood or fibre cement, installed to cover the bottom of that overhang. Soffits give a finished appearance to your exterior; without them, you are looking at rafters making up the bottom side of the overhang on the roof. Some existing soffits (such as ones constructed from plywood) can be covered by non-combustible or fire-resistant materials, such as fibre-cement boards or stucco.


More than this, soffits and fascias can make your home’s exterior look finished, polished, and ready to go. Just like other parts of your roof, Fascia and Soffit are continually exposed to harmful winds, moisture, sun, rain, and vermin.


Ice Dams are one of the biggest causes of roof leaks, which, in turn, causes more damage, so having properly vented soffits helps keep your home safe from damage all year long. Installing a soffit is important as it helps protect your home from the infiltration of moisture and other weather effects. If you are not a soffit candidate for any given reason — let us say you have no eaves on the building — then I would recommend asking the building contractor to take a look at your attic space and make some bespoke suggestions for improving your air circulation.

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