Folding Bikes The New Future?


The folding bicycle manufacturer Brompton is targeting sales of at least 6000 electric bikes this year and is taking bikes to Germany and the U.S. over the coming months. It is also investing PS1m in expanding its cycle hire scheme — whereby you can hire a Brompton for PS3.50 per […]

Are Shared Offices The New Way Of Work?


The office needs to incorporate various shared, versatile spaces where workers can freely circulate depending on what type of work they are doing, such as lone spaces, open-plan spaces, and landing spaces. If employees are sharing a workspace, maybe you could create a little spacing in-between or let employees who […]

Teeth Whitening Or Dental Work?


When you are thinking about professional teeth whitening or preparing for a visit, you may be wondering if you need to brush your teeth before whitening. After teeth whitening, it may be necessary to replace any dental work to match freshly whitened teeth.   When teeth whitening is performed by […]

How To Oil A Timber Deck


Decking stains not only fulfill their purpose perfectly, but also perfectly change the color of the wood, as well as provide a high level of UV protection. Decking oils, formulated to penetrate the wood structure, protect the wood flooring from the inside. For flooring products, this could mean colored flooring […]

The Importance Of Vegan Skincare


If you find it hard to choose vegan beauty products because it is doubly beneficial to be animal friendly and avoid the harsh chemicals found in other beauty products, you may come across natural vegan skincare products. Nevertheless, animal-based beauty products often contain synthetic ingredients. Due to nutritional restrictions, vegan […]

4 Steps To Preserving Your Antique Sarees


Sarees have a special place in the world of Indian traditions. A saree is an ancient garment that has evolved through the times and is the only unstitched old garment that is thriving from the past. Silk sarees are exquisite types among the other sarees. The silk yarn gets weaved […]

JB Hi-Fi Profit Growth in 2019

Despite the increasingly challenging retail environment, JB Hi-Fi has managed a surprisingly strong profit growth, beating market expectations and its own predictions. Key points: JB Hi-Fi raised its final dividend to 51 cents per share Its results were boosted by cellular phones and computer sales, which offset weaker films and […]