Which Cigar Should You Try This Summer


If you are looking for some of the best cigar brands to smoke during the summer, we have got some you will love. Whether you try one or all of them, we promise that you will have a summer smoking a cigar that you will be sure to remember. We chose our top five summer smokes below, giving you a taste of some of the elements that go into the best cigars to smoke during the summer.


While we know that there are a lot of amazing cigars that you can smoke, there are some that just lend themselves to being that little bit more special on a summer’s day. A great cigar can be a warm companion during winter months, or a way to pass the warm, damp night off during summer. After all, great cigars are a great way to enjoy the great outdoors.


This cigar is an even better pairing for a type of outdoor pursuits, such as playing golf. You can enjoy a summery-smoke combo just about anywhere, and a fine quality cigar like Monte By Montecristo Aj Fernandez would provide a great end to a sunny afternoon spent with friends, family, or alone. While it is tempting to go for the stronger smoke, lighter cigars can just be as satisfying when combined with a morning coffee or tropical summer beverage.


It is best to smoke the Real Nicaragua Reserve when you can take it slow and enjoy it, however. If you are the type that likes a medium-bodied cigar, it is a great option.


You may notice a few flavours when smoking a Reserva Real Nicaragua, like cocoa, cedar, black pepper, and leather. The cigar wrapper comes from the Dominican Republic, and the cigar is a rich, medium-bodied, premium-quality smoke. You will notice a few interesting flavours when smoking this cigar including caramel, cinnamon, and white pepper.


Meanwhile, this rich, mellow cigar also pairs well with Mount Gay XO. Camacho Connecticut Churchill (Honduras) is an imposing 7-inch long by 48-ring gauge, priced under $10.00, offering excellent flavours for a low cost. This medium-strength cigar has the shape of a Churchill, easy draw, and a nice burn, while also delivering robust, full-bodied flavours that are primed for memorable summer experiences. 1968 is an overall nicely made cigar, filled with tangy, sweet flavours, ideal for a nightcap smoke after enjoying a nice dinner.


cigar humidorMeasuring 6 inches long and with a 60-ring gauge, this Grande has a full-drawn profile, even though it is the fattest cigar on this list. Wrapped in an American Connecticut Shade wrapper, this petite corona offers more body than you might expect from such a petite cigar. The Edge Corojo is another medium-to-full-bodied cigar, primarily made for the cigars savvy.


The cigar is opulent and smokey and is a lightly-smouldering beacon of a life-affirming hedonism. You can tell much about a cigar’s flavour profile just by taking a good sniff. It is a flavourful, versatile cigar, one you can enjoy on a variety of different occasions and combinations. The Reserva Real Nicaragua is an excellent cigar for smoking in the summer, but you can also smoke it all year round.


The Ashton Churchill is perfect for that long, summer afternoon when you are looking to take an easy drag, or if you are meeting up with a friend who is new to smoking a cigar, and want to show him or her that lighter, summery smokes can be as satisfying as those bold, full-bodied options we already listed above. It is certainly a cigar that you should be trying at some point this summer. I am sure there are other cigars you will enjoy and would fit nicely into your summer entertainment that is available at The Cigar Store. Here are four cigars compatible with a variety of palates, perfect for your summer adventure.


Summer is upon us, so do not shy away from checking out our favourite options of hand-rolled cigars: Whether enjoying them at the lake, after a round of golf or simply sitting on the front porch, our cigars offer a perfect foil for an afternoon spent out in the sun. At OBT Cigar, we think there is nothing like having a cold drink in one hand and one of our hand-rolled cigars in the other on a summer day or night. Well, this summer, the team over at Cigar World wanted to pull together some of their favourite summer spirits and cigar pairings, which are sure to keep you chilled, even during these warm summer days.


We have got all the essentials for enjoying cigars throughout the summer, and well into the fall. You can also enjoy your smokes during the summer in your local Casa de Montecristo shop, we are open all year to talk about some of our favourites like the Padron series or the Rocky Patel Java Red cigars, we have got some new lines coming in, and we have got our picks of the best cigars to smoke during the summer. We also carry a large selection of cigar samplers, so you can try a bit different every time you head out for quality smokes.


Now that the summer is well underway, there is no better time than right now to enjoy Cuban cigars with your refreshing cocktails. With summer on fire, grills are set for firing, cocktails are being made, and cigars are being lit. The smells from a summer’s smokiness are part of what makes summer feel so comforting.


While you are likely going on a road trip or two, maybe attending an occasional ball game, you are also looking forward to sitting back and smoking some of the best cigars you can find. Mild cigars can be just as complex and aromatic as full-bodied smokes, and here are 16 that we rated last year worth trying.


As you fill up your cigar cabinet for summer, separate your Milds from the Bolds, and never take a chance on including flavoured tobacco in the mix. If you decide to purchase any large packs, be sure you have a cigar humidor capable of keeping your sticks at an appropriate temperature and humidity throughout the hottest parts of the summer.

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