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Instant Albums - Adesso Albums Now in Australia!

At a wedding that we attended late in 2006, the bride and groom handed around a polaroid camera and these albums specially designed to fit the polaroid photos with space to write messages. We thought this was a great idea and several months later when planning our own wedding we decided to get these albums for my reception. We couldn't buy these albums in Australia so they were ordered from the US. The albums were a hit at our wedding with all our guests getting involved.

My wife and I love the albums full of sentimental and funny messages from all our guests. After our honeymoon we thought that it would be great for other people if you could buy these albums in Australia rather than having them sent from the US. So we contacted Adesso Albums and now here we are!

We think these are great products which generate a lot of fun at an event and are also a great way to capture memories. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.


Jason & Tania